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Namaste and Welcome to the digital shopping destination of the most exciting Digital Music Company in the planet – ig2E Shopping e-Planet. Music is not just about listening but sharing and shopping as well. In today’s digital world, we bring you the ultimate delight of e-shopping select products that are launched, promoted and even endorsed by us for online sale exclusively.
Highest quality Kashmiri Mogra Saffron (Kesar), a dazzling range of ig2E and OMC (Original Melody Creators) T-shirts and merchandise, latest & pre-used music instruments, software, hardware and live show equipments, free product offers, online ticket booking and applying for OMC Memberships (Platinum, Gold & Silver) for our exclusive OMC vintage live music events are some of the few delectable picks.
Stay connected with the ig2E Shopping e-Planet for the latest updates and offers.

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