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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News: Bollywood Action Group to issue stern warning to Hollywood

An unrecognized Bollywood association named ‘Bollywood Master of CopyMasters Association’ is reportedly releasing a Press statement to issue a stern warning to Hollywood to desist from making movies that are hard to remake or copy in Bollywood. Commenting on the […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News 5: Corrupt politician gets role of clean politician in new Bollywood film!

A former senior cabinet minister in the previous YPA Government, Maalamaal Singh, who retired from active politics after he was found guilty of accepting bribes worth crores of rupees, has got a new lease of life…thanks to Bollywood. According to […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News 4: Make-up man caught making love with a woman who was a man before make-up!

In a shocking incident, a senior make-up artist in Bollywood, Facko Dickson was caught secretly making love to a woman during a customary tea-break while film shooting was on hold. According to eye-witnesses among the crew, while making love isn’t […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News 3: Gay fashion designer to sing a new song ‘GAYe Kaam Se’

Gay fashion designer Gayenda Singh Kelah, fondly called Banana Republic by his lovers, is ecstatic and his joy unlimited after he announced to the whole world, including the guys sitting at the International Space Station (ISS), about his latest musical […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News 2: New artists demand new Copying Rights Bill; say Copyrights Bill not enough!

Even though many successive Indian Governments, senior artists and music companies burnt the midnight oil for months to make amendments to the Copyright Bill [Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012] so that it benefits all stakeholders, a recent survey conducted by ig2E […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News 1: Singer collapses while giving 152nd retake!

According to doctors at SING Super Specialty Hospital in Sangeetpur, the condition of a struggling singer, Utpataang Kumar Gaanewaala, who collapsed in the recording studio while giving the 152nd take for a hot new item song, is serious but miraculously […]

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ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News starts with a wild and roaring launch!

ig2E ENTERTAINMENT’s much-awaited ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News, which is conceptualized and issued in worldwide public interest by KRiSH-the muzziKman, got off to a wild launch in an undisclosed location somewhere in Bhaarath (India). According to ‘leaked information’ from insider sources, two […]

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TingTong News is now FUNTAAZTIC News…

ig2E Entertainment announces change of name for our fun news production – ig2E TingTong News to ig2E FUNTAAZTIC News. ig2E has learnt that the term – TingTong – has a negative connotation in Thailand. Since we do not wish to offend, inadvertently […]

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Meet the guy who speaks in 11 languages ONLY ! Funtaaztic…

Meet Luca Lampariello, who speaks fluently in eleven languages! And if you cannot believe this piece of FUNtaaztic News from ig2E Entertainment, you got to believe the Babbel magazine and Youtube at least! Click here and see the guy speak ALL 11 languages […]

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