ig2E Entertainment and KRiSH the muzziKman are pleased to announce the launch of its 1008 Singers’ Song based on the same proprietary song concept (approved by Guinness World Records) in 2009 that initiated the launch and production of both the LIVE SINGathon Relay (210 singers – out of 220 – on Sony Music‘s Kuch Kuch Hota Hain) and the Studio Version 333 Singers’ Song – C’mon Let’s Have Some Fun.
While C’mon Lets Have Some Fun featured a slew of celebrity playback singers and many emerging artists and was a first in the industry with its own set of challenges and achievements, the new 1008 Singers’ song will have an exciting and refreshing new lineup with an entirely new theme.

According to KRiSH the muzziKman, ” The first attempt/s in any new concept, are always challenging. It is time to move on with all the experience and know-how gained.”
More details to follow…!

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