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We are a professional international digital music company. We provide song recording, music album, video and film production services. We have digital music affiliations in more than 50 diverse digital markets worldwide, including an all-India digital presence. KRiSH the muziKman, Founder, Music Director and Writer/Lyricist/Editor heads ig2E ENTERTAINMENT. As a Music Director, KRiSH has more than 25 music releases launched in India and worldwide to his credit till date and has many more exciting productions lined up as well. He has debuted as a Film Director recently with ig2E ENTERTAINMENT’s latest music entertainment production – Mobile Phone Choron Se Mach Gaya Shor Oh Boy!

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Listen to our latest songs FREE on your mobiles and PCs in Saavn, MusicIndiaOnline, Spotify (Outside India), Rdio and Napster. For setting Caller Tunes in your Mobile phones, contact your Mobile Network Company with the song details.

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Songs | Ancient Indian | Taron Mein Chaand Ho Tum | Es La Noche del Viernes – Its a Friday Night | You’re on the Right Track | Let’s Have Some Fun | Jhoom Ke Naache | Ttheuoo Thaa Song Video Mix | Beat Feat Taal Dhamaal | Kaise Kahoo Main | Khushi Se Ji Leyy | Kama Sutra Dhik Dhik Thumakh | Mobile Phone Choron Se Mach Gaya Shor Oh Boy | Mobile Phone Choron Se Mach Gaya Shor Oh Boy (Instrumental) | Bah Bah Balle Balle Santoor Santushti (Instrumental) | Jaane Na Kis Kadar | Dheen Dheen Ttey | Trith Trith Thumakh | Bah Bah Balle Balle | Bah Bah Balle Balle Sitar Sublime (Instrumental) | Bah Bah Balle Balle Veena Vardaan (Instrumental) | Bah Bah Balle Balle Rabab Roub (Instrumental) | Re Re Ma Ga | Tere Bina Kuchch Bhi Nahi | Koi Toh Hoga Apna Saathi | Yeh Mohabbat (Male) | Yeh Mohabbat (Female) | Dil Ki Baatein | Tumko Main Zindagi Bana Loonga | Kahoo Kya Main | Jab Maakhan Chor Govinda Aata Hain | Kuchch Khaas Hain Fizaa | Aye Khuda | Morey Piya | Woh Kehtey Hain | Yeh Kaun Kaun Aaya | Kuchch Toh Hua Hain | Aye Khuda Reprise) | Morey Pia (New Age Mix) | Meri Friendship | Tujhko Hi Chaha | Hare Krishn | Best of KRiSH the muziKman | Mr. Jatt Exclusive | Sexzi Dance-o-Mania | Saxophone Music

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Welcome to the digital music destination of the most exciting Digital Music Company in the planet – ig2E MUSIC e-PLANET.
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In addition to the above-mentioned commercial services, ig2E Entertainment & Music Productions is committed to integrating persons with disabilities into the mainstream music industry segment. We strongly believe that physical disabilities must never come in the way of showcasing raw artistic talent. Which is why ig2E Entertainment & Music Productions is proud to encourage and launch Alok Rathore from Punjab, an aspiring singer, who even though is physically challenged, managed to successfully record his first commercial song under the careful supervision of KRiSH the muziKman. And in a further step forward, he was invited by All India Radio (AIR) Bhatinda FM station for interview post the worldwide release of his song – Jaane Na Kis Kadar.

ig2E Entertainment & Music Productions also commends Government of India‘s focus on welfare for the Disabled. Here is a list of useful resources and infrastructure set up by The Government of India that are playing a critical role in ensuring greater integration of the disabled with the mainstream society in India.


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Welcome to the World’s most exciting Digital Music Company’s exclusive and unique MOBILE e-PLANET. As the global mobile industry rapidly evolves in the midst of a dramatic increase in the number of mobile subscribers, we are ideally positioned to drive music innovation in this large domain.
From initiating consumer awareness on the menace of Mobile Phone Thefts worldwide to organizing proprietary mobile contests, to promoting Music-on-the-Mobile programmes, not to mention brand engaging ig2E shows, the ig2E MOBILE e-PLANET offers everything new and is a trend setter.
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Namaste and Welcome to the digital shopping destination of the most exciting Digital Music Company in the planet – ig2E Shopping e-Planet. Music is not just about listening but sharing and shopping as well. In today’s digital world, we bring you the ultimate delight of e-shopping select products that are launched, promoted and even endorsed by us for online sale exclusively.
Highest quality Kashmiri Mogra Saffron (Kesar), a dazzling range of ig2E and OMC (Original Melody Creators) T-shirts and merchandise, latest & pre-used music instruments, software, hardware and live show equipments, free product offers, online ticket booking and applying for OMC Memberships (Platinum, Gold & Silver) for our exclusive OMC vintage live music events are some of the few delectable picks.
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