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Check out the OFFICIAL Youtube TRAILER (click here) of our upcoming production dedicated to the fight against Mobile Phone Thefts worldwide – KRiSH the muziKman’s Mobile Phone Choron Se Mach Gaya Shor..OH BOY!

Check out the OFFICIAL Dailymotion TRAILER (click here) of KRiSH the muziKman’s Mobile Phone Choron Se Mach Gaya Shor..OH BOY!

CLICK HERE to buy a brand new mobile phone (any brand) from us for Rs. 2500/- only*. This offer is for a limited period and the main purpose is to increase consumer awareness on Mobile Phone Thefts in India and worldwide. Note: Beware of any other company/companies copying and imitating our concept/ideas in a secretive and indirect way, and providing similar offers that may not be genuine or original. Customer discretion is advised.

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We are professional digital music company, based in Mumbai and network affiliations in more than 50 diverse digital markets worldwide. ig2E ENTERTAINMENT is driven by innovation in music with a primary focus on new artist launches, exciting ‘proprietary’ contests that allow online & mobile participation from music enthusiasts across the world. Under the leadership and direction of KRiSH the muziKman, we aspire to make trend-setting music projects, albums, music shows and much more.  Join KRiSH the muziKMAN and ig2E ENTERTAINMENT and be a part of a NEW JOURNEY in Music!

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ig2E Music e-Planet



Welcome to the digital music destination of the most exciting Digital Music Company in the planet – ig2E MUSIC e-PLANET.
Innovative, thought-provoking and engaging digital music content, that will stand out in the Global Digital Music Industry and carve out its own distinguished place in the online world.
Digital Piracy, latest trends, exciting live shows, hot releases, engaging e-newsletters, new artist launches and much more to keep music-lovers engrossed and connected to us musically 24 x 7.
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ig2E Mobile m-planet

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Welcome to the World’s most exciting Digital Music Company’s exclusive and unique MOBILE e-PLANET. As the global mobile industry rapidly evolves in the midst of a dramatic increase in the number of mobile subscribers, we are ideally positioned to drive music innovation in this large domain.
From initiating consumer awareness on the menace of Mobile Phone Thefts worldwide to organizing proprietary mobile contests, to promoting Music-on-the-Mobile programmes, not to mention brand engaging ig2E shows, the ig2E MOBILE e-PLANET offers everything new and is a trend setter.
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Bikri-Kharidi Computer se. Bhai wah!

ig2E Shopping E-Planet

Namaste and Welcome to the digital shopping destination of the most exciting Digital Music Company in the planet – ig2E Shopping e-Planet. Music is not just about listening but sharing and shopping as well. In today’s digital world, we bring you the ultimate delight of e-shopping select products that are launched, promoted and even endorsed by us for online sale exclusively.
Highest quality Kashmiri Mogra Saffron (Kesar), a dazzling range of ig2E and OMC (Original Melody Creators) T-shirts and merchandise, latest & pre-used music instruments, software, hardware and live show equipments, free product offers, online ticket booking and applying for OMC Memberships (Platinum, Gold & Silver) for our exclusive OMC vintage live music events are some of the few delectable picks.
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LIVE Music Concerts

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ig2E ENTERTAINMENT Live Music Concerts, under the brand name ‘OMC’ is committed to bringing you the best in live music. From old classics to modern tracks, get set to experience ‘live music’ in a very special way that music enthusiasts and music lovers always craved for. With a right mix of innovation, originality and fun, ig2E OMC Live Music Concerts will provide music fans with a memorable experience that they will always cherish.